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  • What is the average cost of a build?

Are you building a container home with large windows or a small on-site construction office? The cost per square foot varies due to the customization of your structure. It’s best to give us a call to go over exactly what you are looking for, so we can give you a quote.

  • What is the payment process?

We are currently accepting $500 non-refundable deposits in order to hold your completion time slot. This deposit is deducted off your initial 1/3rd payment, which is due 3 weeks after paid deposit. The payment is as follows: 

$500 deposit to hold completion time frame paid through the website.

1/3rd payment before we begin building paid through company invoice. 

1/3rd payment once exterior framing, siding and windows are complete paid through company invoice. 

1/3rd payment once the tiny home is finished, before delivery paid through company invoice. 

  • Is delivery and set up difficult?

Not at all! We can deliver quickly and the containers are easy to transport on either a flatbed semi or on a container trailer. They are also easy to unload. Once unloaded, it takes less than an hour to get everything set up.

  • Is international shipping available?

Yes! We can ship your project anywhere in the world.

  • Do Tiny In A Box offer warranties?

Yes! You will receive an all inclusive one year warranty with your purchase. 

  • Can the units be uninstalled and relocated?

Yes! Tiny In A Box units can easily be moved and reinstalled at any location.

  • Do the units come with running water and electricity.?

All units can connect to water, waste, and electricity in a few moments. All outlets in the unit are 110-380 volt.

  • What about cable and internet?

Both of these wiring options are available if you choose. Actual service is proved by your local internet access company.

  • What type of foundation is required for a permanent residence?

You can place a unit on a full concrete foundation with direct connection for sewer or raise the unit on a four pier concrete support. When using the pier system, be sure to include cable anchors.

  • Is air conditioning and heat available?

All units are insulated to protect against heat and cold with 6 inch thick insulated walls, they also have both electric air conditioning and heat.

  • Does Tiny In A Box units build to code?

Yes, Tiny in a Box units are built according to the International Building Code - IBC.

  • Are Tiny In A Box units secure?

Our units are safe and secure. They are tested for weather, function and overall quality.