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Housing Permits and Zoning

There’s no general guideline for getting a building permit for a container home, however, you can take certain steps that will make it more likely that your plans will be approved. First, communication. Speak with the local authorities about your plans, explain the designs and benefits, and have examples of other container homes built. Second, if you haven’t purchased the ground yet and aren’t locked into living in one specific area, research places that are more friendly and open minded to container homes. If an area is a little more remote, there might be a better chance of having your designs accepted and ultimately approved. You can also look for areas with no building codes. There aren’t many places left, but...

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7 Benefits of Container Architecture

Container architecture has picked up pace as people are reinventing modern architecture. A container structure design is sure to make heads turn, for more than the obvious. 1.       Affordable The biggest incentive and advantage for all those thinking about container architecture is that they are quite cheap. Getting a container and converting it into a home or pop-up shop is far less expensive than traditional construction. 2.       Easy to Use and Construct Contrary to what it looks like, it is extremely easy to execute a container design. Any design can be easily incorporated into any container. You want to add doors or windows or need a stair case, simple enough. 3.       Sooner, the Better  On an average, a container takes...

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