Saving The Earth One Tiny House At A Time

Since the onset of civilization, we have lived in some form of shelter. They come in various types and sizes. Of course, different people like different styles of homes. Some like living in palaces, some prefer penthouses, while others are happy with a modest bungalow. But whatever the type or size, we, humans, live in it.

In order to create a house, a lot of instruments and materials are needed. Creating and implementing these materials contribute to environmental pollution. Smoke flies, trash is dumped, and so on. The environment is essential to our human survival, and pollution means threatening our own existence. Is there any way to lessen the effects of mass construction?

Tiny houses maybe one solution to this problem. From the name, we can easily understand the size of the house. Although small in square footage and environmental impact, it still has all of the benefits found in a traditional large home, plus they are stylish and cheap. The building cost for tiny homes are more than 50% less than a moderate big house. Because of the house’s size being small, it requires less material to build. And after completion, your living expenses such as heating, cooling, and electricity will be significantly less expensive than a traditional size home, saving you lots of money. The use of less fossil fuels by tiny homes reduce air pollutants and thus lowing the infamous greenhouse effect. Another financial and environmental benefit of tiny houses is its portability, this reduces waste, by reducing the need for new construction. Tiny houses are great for the environment. Join the tiny house community and contribute to a better tomorrow.

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