Tiny in a Box Offers Big Living with Modern Design and Affordable Luxury 

October 04, 2016

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Shaynea Williams
Telephone: 1-800-577-0147
Email: Tinyinabox@yahoo.com
Website: www.tinyinabox.com

MONTGOMERY, AL, Oct. 04, 2016  -- The tiny house movement, which advocates simple living in smaller homes, has been growing in popularity among homebuyers over the past few years. Many people are realizing that buying larger homes requires a larger mortgage which means working longer days.Tiny houses are a solution to this problem. 

Tiny in a Box, is a leader in building eco-friendly, affordable, and beautiful modular structures. Tiny in a Box designs and constructs 1 to 4 bedroom, single-family homes ranging in size from 400 - 1,500 square feet. Standard features include spacious bedrooms, gourmet kitchens, energy efficient appliances, spa bathrooms, and open living spaces with large windows. All homes are custom built. 

Tiny in a Box has a creative design and engineering team that will bring any design idea to life. We provide guidance and full 3D mock ups of all designs to ensure a quality product is built to the the client expectations. The possibilities are endless, and our design team supports the client through every phase of the project.   

Tiny in a Box is also more than a tiny house developer. we also offer tiny shops. Our shops are fully functional and self-sufficient with electricity and water. Based on the type of usage and requirements, it is possible to have the units fully equipped with a front counter or bar, regular size or smaller refrigerator, ovens, a microwave, wine cellar, coffee or beverage machines or any type of equipment to required to provide products to customers. 

About Tiny in a Box.
Tiny in a box is the leading innovator in designing and building modular structures. We are located in Alabama, USA but can deliver worldwide. We can create any temporary or permanent structure including tiny homes and pop-up small business solutions. For more information about the Company and its new home developments please visit the Company's website at www.tinyinabox.com

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